Pick one of these

Here are all the classes I will tolerate, some are more balanced than others so I will try to highlight the more egregious ones. These ones are use at your own risk. The 4 Unchained classes are also listed, the Unchained versions were Paizo's attempt to rebalance these classes. They had mixed success. 


Creates powerful potions, bombs, and can boost their strength by concocting various mutagens.

I've played with one before, they're great. Lot's of variety, apparently a contender for best designed class. 


The opposite of a Paladin, seeks to bring ruin and chaos to all organized societies. 

Opposite of LG is CE, hur dur I'm Paizo I make cool classes. Other than the stupid factor though apparently it is mechanically viable. It's basically a deathknight but that's copyrighted I guess.


Spellcasters seeking to bridge the gap between innate and studied magic. Through their studies, they are capable of developing powerful exploits to boost their own magic.

Some weird combination of Wizard/Sorcerer. There seems to be a sort of love/hate for it in the community. Some consider it completely OP, but others say it's lower spells/day even it out. Never seen one so I dunno.

Barbarian (Core/Unchained)

Pure battlefield carnage. The Barbarian is a lawless warrior who can boost their already tremendous power in combat by activating various rage powers.

It's a mixed bag whether the Core Barbarian or the Unchained Barbarian is better. From what I've gathered the general consensus is that overall the Unchained version is superior but archetypes and rage powers of the Core version with some skill can be more effective. Either is good.


May or may not be OP. I've never played with one but they're a staple of the genre.


Similar to the Barbarian, but their martial rage reveals innate magical powers laying dormant in their bloodline in addition to the physical bonuses of the rage.

Combination Barbarian and Sorcerer. Basically you rage and you mage, Barbarian with spells dude. Community consensus is that they are really fun and broken. Also has really good archetypes (but who doesn't)


Monks without all those pesky rules and vows, these are dudes who just love punching. Very flexible on the battlefield due to their ability to temporarily gain combat feats mid-battle. 

The Unchained Monk before there was the Unchained Monk. They are really good at combat maneuvers and the community thinks it's hilarious and viable.


Mounted warriors swore to uphold and further a cause inside and outside of the battlefield. Capable of boosting their allies by temporarily granting them various teamwork feats.

They are really good at riding things, but it sure would be a shame if the party wasn't in a large, flat plain every encounter. 


Powerful wielders of divine magic who serve the causes of their chosen deity.

Great class, they can basically do anything. Some domains are more balanced than others.


Protectors of nature, Druids utilize powerful beast companions and natural magic to defend the wild.

Another very versatile class, but it requires quite a bit of experience to do so. Also trees r dum.


Boy do I love normal attacks. I love them so much it's all I'm really good at. Better pick some good feats. Not unviable but it takes some work to make them interesting.


Wild warriors who fight alongside their faithful animal companion and cast natural spells.

A combination druid-ranger. So a Druid, or a Ranger, Paizo didn't think this one through. That being said it's perfectly playable.


Hunts the enemies of the faith both within and outside of the church. Can boost his power by laying divine judgments down on his foes.

Another class that can do almost anything, but nothing particularly well. Use with caution.


A combination Alchemist-Rogue (???).  Apparently it's kinda broken. 


Student of both martial and arcane practices, the Magus can wield both sword and sorceries with great skill. Learns various arcana that boost their prowess in battle.

Requires min-maxing to be viable, but boy are they viable. Runs out of spells just like a wizard, but then you can punch doods. Good shit.

Monk (CoreUnchained)

Xiaolin Monks, not Franciscan Monks.

The consensus seems to be that apart from certain min-max/archetype routes the Unchained version is vastly superior to the Core Monk. But even so, the viability of the class is so-so.


What are you, some sort of weeb? That being said the Ninja is just straight up better than Core Rogue. Just don't try to archetype it, nobody understands how Rogue/Ninja archetypes fucking work.


Beings who possess mysterious powers gifted to them by the gods. But they also suffer a a curse in exchange for their power.

Consensus is that they are really fun and good. I don't understand them but whatever.


Good class, but beware of lawful stupidity. Not as good if you're not fighting things that are literally evil.



Rogue (Core/Unchained)

Masters of all sorts of underhanded skills.

Unchained made Rogues playable. Not great, but playable. It cost a few really cool Rogue talents, but you can play it now.


Ha Pazio, you almost tricked me into playing a worse, weeb Cavalier.


Clerics but for spirits instead of gods.

Combination Oracle-Witch. Apparently really fun.


Combination Barbarian-Bard. The consensus is that they're basically worse bards and need the rest of the party to be balanced around them to do any good. Use at your own risk.


Combination Rouge-Ranger. Seems to be a better Ranger, unless the Rangers gets its favored enemy, terrain, etc. Also pretty versatile, but again not particularly good at anything.


Spellcasters who gain their magic through the presence of a magical creature in their ancestry.

Ahh the classic Sorcerer vs. Wizard debate. They're not bad by any means, they'll just never be as versatile as Wizards. But hey, spontaneous casting.

Summoner (Core/Unchained)

Casters who form a bond with an evolving outsider who serves as their eidolon. 

Unchained brought some balance to the class, but it never really made any sense to me in the first place. Use at your own risk.


Fighters focues on speed and agility instead of raw brawn.

Combination Fighter-Gunslinger. So the Gunslinger part is a bit of a red flag, since Gunslingers are actually cancer, but the community insists that it isn't as broken as that so  ¯\(ツ)/¯.


Basically clerics but with even MORE hitting.

Combination Cleric-Fighter. May be ban worthy.


Casters who gain their magic by striking a deal with an unknown mystical force.

May contain some OP abilities, but I'll never say which ones.


It's a Wizard, you've already won.