The Meme Team: Episode 1: Praise It Then Raze It

Have You Heard The Good Word?

Our squad, through methods of dubious legality, smoked out a traitor from the house of Portelli and set their sights on the rival Belloni household while also recruiting new brothers and sisters into the Church of Gollum. The manor was well guarded, but by knocking on the front door Egos was able to slip inside and be detected by two suspicious figures who immediately fled. He quickly gave chase while his comrades were either busy blessing a suspect's weapons or violating terms of their parole outside. Who are these mysterious people? Will Doomfist reprimand Morgryn for his illegal assault? Do blessings of Gollum actually provide +1 enchantment bonuses on weapons? Find out next week on  コーリー ホワイトハウスでチョー大変!  


Zeuso Zeuso

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